Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Post To Start the Posts

I'd like to be a private person again. I think I'm capable of mystery. I'd like to start being patient and just let people come to me. So I've decided to start writing privately again. If I didn't type so fast and my hand writing wasn't so shitty...I'd do it in a notebook, but I think this way I can get all the thoughts in quickly and be able tor ead it one day if I chose to.

I'm not going to tell anybody about this thing, I just want an outlet that isn't public. I'm sick of being so open and sharing so much with people. I think I just need to vent but the world doesn't have to be involved. I'll continue to express myself through song writing, and share stories but I think I'll keep my inner most thoughts here. Whereas in other places, I'm trying to be clever, funny, or just trying to get approval...in this thing, I will just write. Not for anybody but myself.

I am optimistic about this.