Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Post about Soul

There is so much you can do for your soul. And only so much you can do for your body.

At this very second, my body is in pain. But I can honestly say that my soul is the exact opposite. And as I get older I like to think that I better understand what creates these results. To me, a body in pain and a spirit that's strong is something you are blessed with. So you don't ask questions and you don't wait for it to fade away. You just enjoy it.

If your even luckier though, your body will be as strong as your spirit. And I believe that is all very attainable. But for me, the black eyes and the bruises and the hangovers are souvenirs. The way I see it, your bumps and bruises are keepsakes that remind you how fucking awesome the night before was, how little you slept, how fast you were riding that skateboard down the hill, and most of all, how blessed you are to be alive to feel all this.

Now that this week is coming to a close, I have a lot of stuff to get done. A lot of hauling ass. A lot of painful and tedious work. But I now know for the rest of this arduous academic semester, that its going to be okay because even though my body will be recovering from the past seven days, my spirit will lead me through it, and probably even carry my body on its back. And with or without bags under my eyes and any hours of sleep, I will survive.

The love inside sustains me. Because I am blessed with something special. Ouch.